Structured Cabling

The very core of any voice or data network is the structured cabling system. Brand new construction or a renovation project; we have years of experience with both. We design, install and support professional cabling infrastructures virtually every single week of the year. We understand how important the cabling infrastructure that supports multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems is to your business. We can help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your organization. From an investment point of view structured cabling provides an exceptional ROI. A structured cabling system designed correctly will outlive all other networking components and will require only minimal upgrades. We are a “one stop shop” for all your network infrastructure needs.

Our cabling division offers a comprehensive range of products and services, which we can deliver on a nationwide basis. From the design of the structured cable and fiber optics systems to the installation, testing and documentation, New World Networks engineers can provide the services you need for a successful installation. All of our Data Center projects are delivered in accordance with TIA-942 “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.”

Additionally, all personnel receive mandatory continuing education through classes and seminars, in order to keep pace with our rapidly changing environment. Certifications from major manufacturers enable New World Networks to provide installations warranted for up to 25 years. Not only are parts and labor covered, but the manufacturers warrant the ability of our installation to support your applications. Any company can include key words in their web site. So many words to describe the same basic concepts. But those words mean nothing; if you don’t have the experience, the expertise, the passion, to get the job done and to get it completed on time and perfect.

NWN strongly believes that ongoing technological advances challenge all of us to keep abreast. Our competition and your competition does not allow complacency. NWN will not fall behind and we will not allow you to fall behind. We all win when you do well. Our depth of experience with technology and project management allows us to provide the highest levels of service.