Wireless Network Design and Installation (WiFi)

Go Wireless and cut the cables to enjoy the freedom of a reliable wireless network. From private wireless local area networks (WLAN) to public exterior wireless networks, we have the experience and the expertise to build and connect you to today’s very wireless world!

The goal for all of our wireless solutions is to provide constant coverage, reliable bandwidth and fast speeds from small buildings to high-rise building applications.

Having no service or connectivity is unacceptable and an overall inconvenience to any end user.

Having a strong wireless network is considered a common amenity and suits all of today’s relevant commercial standards in all environments. Building a reliable wireless network is all about achieving an optimal bandwidth, speed and coverage area.

Slow speeds and inconsistent coverage can translate directly into a loss in revenue for a business and business owners utilizing your network. All wireless network consultants and designers should design and build an optimal network with an in-depth understanding of how the network will be utilized now, the future and most importantly, all while properly secured.

Each and every one of New World Networks wireless networks are custom and tailored fit to suit the clients immediate and future needs.